BurkhardName: Meg Burkhard

Position: Director

Bio: Meg Burkhard has been named the new Director of Bethany House! Meg is overseeing Bethany House day to day, as well as maintaining our connections with the wonderful community we live in. Meg is a lifelong resident of Rochester, and has previously served as Director at Mary’s Place Refugee Outreach.  She is the mom of 3 teenaged boys.  She is excited about the opportunity to serve the women and children of Bethany House, as well as working with the awesome staff and volunteers.

MarieWillisName: Marie Willis

Position: House Manager

Bio: Marie has been on the staff of Bethany House since last spring. Previously, she worked at Xerox for 24 years in business finance. She loves being at Bethany House and feels the need to be right in the heart of the house, living on the third floor. Coming from a family with six siblings, she understands the ups and downs of living in community. She has one grown son, a wonderful sense of humor, and is thrilled with the “new” kitchen. She is now the House Manager, overseeing all the day to day activities of Bethany House, including the food pantry, community drop in, and our interface with Foodlink.

IMG_0103Name: Sierra Diamond

Position: Staff

Bio: Sierra Diamond is an AmeriCorps volunteer with a MSW from Roberts Wesleyan College. She comes from a small town in Central NY and has always wanted to take part in a mission and combine her love for people with her passion to serve God. She sees Bethany House as an incredible opportunity to serve the Lord and use her experiences and education to help the women and children that Bethany House serves. She says the work Bethany House does is God’s work and she feels truly grateful to have been blessed with the opportunity to be a part of this mission.

EvaEnkingName: Eva-Maria Enking

Position: Live-in Staff

Bio: Eva-Maria Enking, 22, has come to us from Germany through IN-VIA Cologne, a Catholic volunteer organization. She is excited to be at Bethany House getting her first experiences in social work, which she has studied. She feels she will learn about different populations and social systems for homeless women and children. She also favored Bethany House because it is a Catholic Worker House of Hospitality, as she is interested on the integration of faith and spirituality in social work. She hopes to improve her English (which is already excellent) and learn more about New York State.

DaniDiPiazzaName: Dani DiPiazza

Position: Live-in Staff

Bio: Dani DiPiazza the newest as live in staff at Bethany House. Dani is a child of the house, she first coming to Bethany House at the age of nine! Now 26, Dani considers herself lucky to be able to call Bethany House her childhood home. Dani’s passion is to use her experiences in both mental health and recovery to help others as a peer. She has volunteered, run groups, and has been live in staff at Bethany House previously, and she is excited to be back!

IMG-0106Name: Veronica Alexander

Position: Live-In Staff

Bio: We are also very grateful that Veronica Alexander, who has been a member of the staff on and off for eight years, has temporarily returned to help us during this transition period. Veronica is happy to be here and is grateful to be back at Bethany House during this time.